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Luxury Lash Services

Our Elite Lash team specialises in Hand fanning each and every tiny bouquet of delicate lashes applied to each one of your natural eyelashes. 

focusing on Lash isolation and a proper prep and prime of lash line before each appointment.

Light Russian Volu​me

Subtle Lashes! Perfect for .....

- First time getting eyelash extensions

- Someone who wants a care free lash affair with no need for mascara

- someone who likes a minimal natural look

Light weight and durable 2-3 D volume. A perfect set of lashes to start with, if you decide you desire more volume you can always change your look at your first infill & upgrade to a more dense lash line.

Medium Russian Volume

Glamour Lashes! Perfect For ....

- Every day wear

- Special Events

- Someone who loves to look done up when they leave the house , with minimal effort.

Light weight durable 3-5 D Fans

With customised length Short - Long Lashes C & D curl available.

Signature Whispy Russian Volume

Textured Lash Look Also known as a strip lash look or Kim K lash line!

Perfect for ...

- A lady looking for lashes they will fall in love with

- Everyday Makeup Wearer

- Strip lash look without everyday application

- Whispy textured mixed length lashes

Lightweight Mixed D, Handmade Russian Volume. Multiple Curls and thickness available.

Mega Volume Lashes

Ultimate Diva Lashes! Perfect for ... 
- Dark lashes for everyday wear 
- Person with dark features & loves a dark sultry look
- Creates extra fluffiness & full ness of the lash line

6-9 D Fans Customised length & style 

Luxury Blackout Lashes

For the lash Queens!
Your love of lashes has become your new addiction.
The name of this set of Lashes says it all. 
Each set is customised to the clients desired look & no 2 sets will be the same as each person has their own unique eye shape and lash line to work with. 
bring a photo along to your appointment for this lash affair. 
DARK, DENSE VOLUME, no light through the base of these bad boys!
yet still light weight and comfortable for every day wear.

If you're unsure if this sets for you, book a free consultation in with our team first. Then we can book you an appointment after that !